Monday, April 28, 2014

New Aither Members!

Aither's concert on Saturday April 26 was the official debut of the two new members.  Here they are, Sakura (left) and Megumi (right).  

The only info I have on them is from my friend Suwano Chibineko, who tells me that Sakura is a high school freshmen like Yuuka and Airi, and Megumi is a high school junior.  Megumi was previously in a Step One duo named Rena-Megu.  In addition to this, I have a cover for their new single "evolution", which will be released on April 30.     

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lydia Graduates From Sakuran Bom Bom

Lydia, the Sub-Leader of Sakuran Bom Bom, announced yesterday that she will be graduating from the group on April 27 - tomorrow! - in order to concentrate on her studies.  There really isn't any more that I need to add to this, so I'll just share some photos.    


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Onigokko's Album And Graduation News

Onigokko's debut album "Toy Box" was released om March 29, 2014 with a total of seven tracks. Originally I thought that the Haru ☆ Kana singles would be included, but they aren't.  That means there are three new songs!  The only bad news is that this is a venue-only release.  Here is the track listing.

1. "Cute Land"
2. "Hare nochi Hare" ("Clear Sky after Clear Sky")
3. "Flying Heart"
4. "Powerful Girl"
5. "Dream Angel"
6. "" ("Connections")
7. "Running Fighter"

I read the blogs of Kawahara Kana and Haru Hoshina every day, but I understand little since I'm using Google Translate.  I knew there was a graduation announcement much earlier but I simply thought that the three oldest girls were graduating elementary school and entering junior high. According to a friend this is not the case.  Tsukishima Meru, Kana and Haru are all graduating from the group!  This is pretty sad news for me since I just became aware of Onigokko a few months ago, and Kana and Haru are my favorite members.  My friend who told me the news of the girls graduating from the group isn't too happy either since she likes Meru.  It's possible that Haru ☆ Kana will continue on separate from Onigokko.  I also suppose that Onigokko will get new members.  I'll have to keep checking the blogs and maybe my friend can tip me off on upcoming news.  (*wink*)

The two youngest members of Onigokko celebrated their birthdays this week.  Happy birthday to Tsukishima Ai and Kisaki Sakura, now ages 11 and 10 respectively.