Sunday, May 25, 2014

Minarin Graduates From Candy Zoo

Today Ootsuka Minami, known to her fans as Minarin, graduated from Candy Zoo.  I'm very sad about this as I've only been a fan of Candy Zoo for a few months.  Minami was the Lion girl in Candy Zoo, the oldest member and the second shortest.  Minami announced she was leaving back in March due to her difficulty of being a student and an idol at the same time.  Minami is an irreplaceable part of Candy Zoo.  I will miss her very much.

Minami's Graduation Comment
Chiba Rian's Goodbye To Minami
Sakamaki Yuuna's Goodbye to Minami   

Minami (February 2012)

Minami (July 2013)

Minami (May 2014)

Here's a short video of Minami doing a challenge.