Monday, June 9, 2014

CoCo DeCoRu Releases Their First Single

CoCo DeCoRu are releasing their first indie single, "KISS ME KISS ME", on June 25.  I believe this is a venue-only release, although I hope I am wrong and it's on sale through Internet stores.  The B-Side is "I promise you", a song that is not on their YouTube channel and has never been performed live in any of the fan videos I've watched.  I'm anxious to hear this new song!  I'm pretty happy that "KISS ME KISS ME" is the song that they are releasing as a single as this is the CoCo DeCoRu song I would play for people to introduce them to the group.  Maybe the other three songs on their YouTube channel will be released on another single, or maybe an album, in the near future.  The official website has an event schedule for those of you who are lucky enough to be in Japan to see them live.  CoCo DeCoRu's Facebook page also has info.  I hope everyone will show these girls some support!