Monday, June 9, 2014

New Onigokko Member Auditions

Today Akiba On Stage (the YouTube channel is actually named onstage akiba) uploaded a series of short videos featuring six young girls who wish to become new members of Onigo Musume, better known as Onigokko.  This news also appeared on Onigokko's website.  It's been a month since Tsukishima Meru, Kawahara Kana and Hoshina Haru all graduated from the group (now that they are junior high students) so it was inevitable that new members would be joining soon. Strangely, Meru, Kana and Haru have still been performing with their friends in Onigokko on occasion.  I guess they were marking time until the new members joined.  Haru ☆ Kana, the subunit of Onigokko, recently acquired an official website.  I suppose today marks a sort of "new beginning" for Onigokko and Haru ☆ Kana will continue on separately from this point.  

I used Google Translate to figure out the names of these girls (except one that I already was familiar with), so here are the young hopefuls.
#1 - Yumeka, age 10 
#2 - Emi, age 7
#3 - Rie, age 10
#4 - Mikuru, age 10
#5 - Nozomi, age 10
#6 - Ichigo, age 8

Ichigo a.k.a. Ichitan is a friend of Onigokko and is in several photos with the group and its members.  The photo below was taken on May 25, 2014 with all the members and Ichitan performing together.

I wish all six girls good luck!  I can't wait to find out who become a new Onigokko member!