Saturday, July 5, 2014

Caramel ☆ Ribbon's New Single!

ESSE Academy's Caramel ☆ Ribbon, my favorite indie idol group, are releasing their fifth single "First Secret" on July 29, 2014!  This news was reported on Twitter and the Caramel ☆ Ribbon blog.  It's been over nine months since their last single and their first one with T-Palette Records, "Start Ribbon".  I've been a fan of Caramel ☆ Ribbon since late November 2011 and am proud of the fact that I was the first to write about them in English.  Caramel ☆ Ribbon have a fun, retro-pop sound that makes their music distinctive in a industry filled with routine dance pop idol groups.  Their two singles from 2013, including "Yakusoku no Basho", were among the best sounding idol singles of that year.  I'm counting on another excellent release from these girls!