Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pink And Proud Of It!

Pink Babies are somewhat new to the Japanese idol scene, but their music is decidedly not so new.  That is because Pink Babies, created by Pan Pacific Project, are a group which exclusively sings covers of Pink Lady songs.  Pink Lady was a pop duo in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

I first became aware of Pink Babies back in December 2013 when I was doing some research for the group Prizmmy☆.  Pink Babies were performing at a kids dance event along with Prizmmy☆ and some other singers and dancers that I was unfamiliar with.  There was a dance rehearsal video of the group on YouTube that I only watched once before it became private.  Unfortunately I didn't think of downloading this before it became inaccessible.  I've been following them on Twitter (and they've been following me) for a few months now.  I suppose after they uploaded their first videos made available for the public that didn't go private right away, a short introduction to the group and the song "UFO", I should have written an article about them.  Maybe I'm a bit behind, but better late than never.

Pink Babies' latest video, "Wanted (Shimei Tehai)", is being released as a single on iTunes and I think there is also a CD.  (It's not listed on CD Japan or YesAsia yet, unless I'm missing something.)  It's a pretty interesting video with some sci-fi and horror elements which show the girls dancing in a haunted house and displaying mental powers!  Prior to this video being uploaded to YouTube, a short and humorous video of some of the members of Pink Babies using telekinetic abilities to move objects, bend spoons and read cards was uploaded.  Clips from this video are also on Twitter.  Any group that has a sense of humor while also taking their jobs as idols seriously has my respect, and I really respect Pink Babies.  These girls are very good singers and dancers and their videos are fun to watch.  I'm hoping that bigger and better things are coming this way for Pink Babies!

Kuriyama Rina - Born on September 24, 1996, Blood Type AB
Saganuma Mayu - Born on December 15, 1996, Blood Type O
Yoshida Aina - Born on March 17, 1997, Blood Type A  
Furukawa Yukari - Born on May 10, 1997, Blood Type O
Maskai Kotona - Born on September 26, 1998, Blood Type A
Arakawa Saho - Born on October 8, 1998, Blood Type O
Sato Kotono - Born on November 30, 1999, Blood Type ?
Asada Mayu - Born on February 20, 2000, Blood Type AB
Sakurai Yui - Born on February 21, 2000, Blood Type B
Yabuta Nanaho - Born on July 11, 2000, Blood Type B
Suzuki Chinatsu - Born on August 16, 2000, Blood Type O
Suzuki Sara - Born on December 20, 2000, Blood Type ?
Omori Rio - Born on December 22, 2001, Blood Type: AB
Shiseki Rio - Born on January 27, 2002, Blood Type B

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