Monday, August 18, 2014


I noticed that for the past few months that MINAMI, the only trainee in Michinoku Sendai ORI ☆ HIMETAI, has not been in group photos.  I thought it was due to illness but apparently there were other reasons.  According to the ORI ☆ HIMETAI blog, MINAMI has been taking exams to get into the high school that she wants.  Her chosen school has strict rules about the students being in the entertainment industry, so MINAMI had to think about being in ORI ☆ HIMETAI over.  The final reason that MINAMI has chosen to graduate has to do with her father getting a job transfer, which means her family will be moving far away from Sendai.  It's pretty sad that MINAMI never became a full member of ORI ☆ HIMETAI before she had to leave.  MINAMI is also one of my favorite singers in this group, so I hate to see her graduate.  MINAMI will perform with ORI ☆ HIMETAI for the final time on August 31, 2014.  Farewell, sweet princess, and good luck with school!