Thursday, September 18, 2014

JS Idol Spotlight: Pocchimo

Yesterday I mentioned that I was watching some new idol videos including one by a group named Pocchimo.  Pocchimo are what is known as a JS idol group, or elementary school age idol group.   JS idols are not new at all, but there has been a new wave of them lately.  Perhaps many of these groups won't achieve the level of success of an AKB48, but the tide is turning in the idol world and they are poised to become the next big thing.

Pocchimo is a group created by Pony Canyon who made their live debut on May 10, 2014.  All three girls are child models and TV actresses.  The group's blog was created on May 1, and a Twitter account was made on May 11.  The video for Pocchimo's debut single, "JS Datte!! Ima Shika Nai!!", was uploaded in a 360p version to YouTube on July 31, with the CD (and CD + DVD set) being released on August 20.  Also on August 20 the group's website appeared.

The Limited Edition of Pocchimo's single comes with a Region 2 DVD.  If you have a DVD player capable of playing this or VLC Media Player on your computer then you are all set!  The DVD menu screen is in both Japanese and English, with options such as "All Play", "Music Video", "Dance Shot Version" and "Making Of Shooting".  As you can guess, the picture quality of the music video is superior to the video that you can see on YouTube.  The dance shot version is fun as the clothes on the girls changes every so often.  The making of the video is pretty standard, but fun to see the girls be themselves behind-the-scenes.      

Pocchimo's musical style is mid-paced traditional pop.  What I personally like about them is that they are not trying to copy a popular idol group, they don't have an anime tie-in (at least not yet), they aren't an autotune electronica group nor are they a fan-service group.  Pocchimo are simply trying to be a cute pop group that wants to entertain people and have fun.  The girls are young and they act like it too.  No one is trying to be mature and dress up in clothing to make them look older.  This is refreshing to me.

Since I already linked the video for "JS Datte!! Ima Shika Nai!!" in my last post, I'll share some other Pocchimo videos.  The first one is a low quality video of their live debut.

Pocchimo dancing videos....

"Attack Hip" (Sorry, I can't embed this.)

"Nanana Gymnastics":

The Making of "Nanana Gymnastics":

Hata Mei, Leader - Born on April 10, 2002
Ishii Momoka (Momo) - Born on December 19, 2002
Shinta Maki - Born on March 7, 2005

"JS Datte!! Ima Shika Nai!!" (August 20, 2014)

Official Website
Official Blog
Official Twitter
Official Vine   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cool New Idol Videos!

I've been neglecting my blog for a month now because I'm busy with promoting idols on Facebook and forums and I'm working on an idol project which I'll reveal hopefully before the year is over.  In the meantime I'll share some of the newest idol videos that I have been watching lately.

CoCo DeCoRu, "Kiss Me Kiss Me" 
I'm unable to embed this video (thanks again, Blogger!), but it was just uploaded today.  The venue-only single was released on June 25, and it included a DVD.  Now those who don't have the ability to buy it can see CoCo DeCoRu's debut video!  The video contains some kind of religious symbolism, and I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but it's possible that some people might be offended.  You have been duly warned.

Candy Zoo, "CWB!!"
The first video from this cute young group was uploaded on August 19.  It features the two new members of the group, Miyu and Mikara, along with Himiko's shorter hair style.  It's also a five minute commercial for Candy A-Go-Go!

Pocchimo, "JS Datte!! Ima Shika Nai!!"
This is the debut video from a new group from Pony Canyon.  I haven't written about them yet, but I plan to soon.  Pocchimo are a trio of elementary school girls who are trying to be the leader in a new wave of JS (elementary school age) idol groups.  One Japanese article I came across basically said that older idol groups that have been around for a while are getting stale and it's time for younger groups like Pocchimo to offer something fresh!  That's a subject that surely will get a few opinions from idol fans.

Millennium Girls, "Kyoshitsu Sabaibaru" 
I don't normally go for fan-service type of groups but this song from a new group named Millennium Girls (who were created by the Tokyo branch of a famous American dance studio and taught by an American dance instructor) are really good dancers.  This catchy song was uploaded on July 17, so it's two months old, but I've been watching this and some live versions (in which a different girl gets a solo dance during the song's break) several times lately.  This is another song that won't leave my head!    

I'll be back in a few days with some idol group profiles.  Keep your idol spirit high!