Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Q♥T Disbands

In August I wrote about a cute young group of idols named Q♥T.  It was announced on Twitter on October 20 that Q♥T will disband after their November 16 live.  I didn't read the tweet until last night due me not paying attention to all of the people and groups I am following on Twitter.  (Sometimes following over 100 people has its downside.)  I didn't even notice that all three girls now have their own Twitter accounts.  Perhaps they will keep them after the group breaks up so fans can keep up with their favorite member(s).

Q♥T is a very nice group, although I honestly didn't expect big things from them.  I discovered them due to people linking the same video on two forums I use, and one of my followers on Twitter re-tweeting photos of Yano Myuu, who joined the group on July 10 only to leave two weeks later.   Unfortunately, Q♥T's singles and merchandise are venue-only and very limited.  This means there is little chance of me or anyone who doesn't live in Japan of getting their CDs.

For those who wish to follow the members of Q♥T on Twitter, here you are!
Luna's Twitter
Mio's Twitter
Himari's Twitter   

I'm sad to see you girls break up, but here's hoping I will see all of you again in other idol groups soon!