Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seri Karen Makes Their Debut!

On February 16, 2014 Jewel Kiss members Kodama Serika and Ohashi Karen graduated from the group.  On October 5, 2014 they made their first live appearance as the duo Seri Karen.  Although both girls had their own Twitter accounts, the Seri Karen Info account was created on October 21 and their official blog was created on October 24.  While no single has been announced yet, they have manufactured t-shirts!  I am probably not the only fan who is pretty excited to see these girls sing again.  Here is a fan video titled "Sakura Thank You".

Kodama Serika (児玉迫香), born on June 26, 1996 
Ohashi Karen (大橋佳恋), born on April 17, 2000