Saturday, November 29, 2014

St. Bonapro School Returns! - Sort Of

Faster than you can say "name change" the girls in St. Bonapro School have been reorganized as the group Si☆Stella.  The name Si☆Stella means "Sister Star", and there are four members: Sakurai Rico, Mafune Nono, Akai Sakura and Masuda Hina.  Rico and Nono were the heart and soul of St. Bonapro, so it's no surprise that they are a part of the new group.  Si☆Stella will make their live debut on December 21, 2014 and will perform twice, in a white version and a black version.  This means different costumes and different songs according to this tweet.  Speaking of Twitter, the old St. Bonapro School account is still being used as Si☆Stella's Twitter.  The name, url and banner are different, but you can still find old photos of St. Bonapro School if you still haven't looked at them.

Sakurai Rico, Leader - Born on May 3, 2002
Mafune Nono - Born on July 8, 2004
Akai Sakura - Born on November 20, 2004
Masuda Hina

Thanks to Anna for help with the info!  

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