Monday, December 1, 2014


Back in September I mentioned that I was working on an idol project that I would hopefully reveal before the year was up.  That project is an idol website I created named SENSATIONAL IDOLS.   The idea for the website has been in my mind for a long time.  I helped my friend Xin Chun with her website Idol Candy, although she rarely updates her own site.  I always wanted my own website so I could update it at any time and so I could add all of my favorite idol groups.  I felt that there was a need for a Japanese idol website for groups that have little or no information in English.  As much as I wanted to do everything myself, I am not an expert at creating a website and there are details that still confuse me.  So I asked Xin Chun and later Bethany Walker to lend their skills in fixing up the website so it looks nice.  I wrote all the content myself and chose what photos to use.  (In most cases I used official photos from the groups' websites.)  I tried to not use photos with copyrights and text, but in a couple cases I had no real choice.  Trying to locate all the necessary information and photos was a lot of hard work.  I still didn't find everything I needed so there are places where something is missing.  Hopefully in time I will either find these things I need to make the website more complete, or maybe someone who has that info or a nice photo will be kind enough to share it with me. 
I have linked on the website my blog (the one you are reading) and my Facebook page Young Idol Singers.  I was thinking of creating a Twitter account specifically for the website where my followers would get updates of what changes I have made and allow people to send me tweets with their comments and questions.  Please check the links at the top of the website next to the name as well as the "Links" page for any future updates regarding Twitter.  I plan on adding more groups in the future, but for now there are only twelve.  I hope everyone enjoys SENSATIONAL IDOLS!                 

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