Thursday, January 1, 2015

JS Idol Spotlight: école☆primaire

If you thought St. Bonapro School being reorganized as Si☆Stella was surprising, the reorganization of Q♥T might be even more so.  Q♥T was a very indie group that formed in March 2014 with three members, and released singles that were extremely limited.  It was said in the group's blog that only 97 copies of each single were available; although I highly suspect that 100 copies were pressed and the three members each got a copy and the rest were sold to fans.   Yano Myuu was later added to Q♥T's lineup, but she left barely two weeks later and announced that she was joining usa☆usa Girls Club.  Then in November Q♥T broke up.  With such a small group and fanbase, it would seem unlikely that a group such as Q♥T would be worth bringing back in some form.  I mean, I like these girls very much, but realistically, they were never meant to be a big, popular group.  But don't tell this to the management of usa☆usa Girls Club.  

On January 1, 2015 it was officially announced on the usa☆usa Girls Club blog that Myuu would be transferred to a new group and the four ex-members of Q♥T would be forming a new group named école☆primaire, or éco☆pri for short.  Yes, that is French for "elementary school", with a star symbol inserted.  The group will debut on January 11, 2015 at an usa☆usa Girls Club live event.  So long live Q♥T, or maybe I should say école☆primaire.

Author's notes: All four girls are now using their full names.  Luna is now referred to as Runa, although I still think of her with her original idol name.  Mio is now Miori, but again, she is still Mio to me.  I thought that Mio's birthday was January 1 (as I mentioned in my original Q♥T blog article), but apparently it is January 17.  I have used both Myu and Myuu in my blog for this cutie's name, but I primarily spell it Myuu.  Old habits die hard, and old idol photos never die!  For example, take this photo of the four member Q♥T.

Here are mostly new photos of all four girls.  Myuu's photo is actually from July 2014.  

Shiraishi Luna

Yano Myuu

            Sanada Miori    

         Ichinose Himari      

Shiraishi Luna (白石るな) - Born on September 16, 2002 
Yano Myuu (矢野みゅう) - Born on December 25, 2003 
Sanada Miori (真田美織) - Born on January 17, 2004 
Ichinose Himari (一ノ瀬ひまり) - Born on December 15, 2004 



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