Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prizmmy☆'s "I Just Want To Be With You"

Three days ago the preview versions of the new Prizmmy☆ single, "I Just Wanna Be With You ~Kaso to Shinjtsu no Hazama de~", were uploaded to YouTube.  I've watched these videos multiple times as this is one of the best Prizmmy☆ songs yet!  Prizmmy☆'s usual songwriters, NOBE and michitomo, had nothing to do with this song, and neither did Prizmmy☆'s normal choreographer, SAKI.  Instead, a new composer and choreographer were brought in to give the new single some freshness!  This time the song was written by Tetsuya Komuro and the choreography is by Jessica JJ Rabone, a woman born in Japan to British and Japanese parents.  The CD will feature both the original mix and a "Club Mix".  The DVD will not only include the standard content, regular, Dance Master and TV size versions of the music video, but also a making of segment too. The back dancers are four members of Prism☆Mates, Runa, Yuka, Natsu and Sana, as well as Dairiki Chie, the Grand Prix Winner of Dream Girls Magazine's PriPara idol audition contest.


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