Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Candy Kiss Graduation

For the past three days I have been very depressed.  I feel as if someone shot three bullets directly into my heart.  I also feel as if what I am doing as an idol blogger might be pointless.  Being the first person to write about certain Japanese idols, or to share some kind of news about them, doesn't seem to have much of a point if very few people care about the idols I'm writing about.

Sakurai Maya, the leader of Candy Kiss, has announced her graduation from the group.  This news comes two days after the second oldest member, Shimoda Kaede, announced that she will graduate in April.  Apparently Maya wants to focus on her dancing, and Candy Kiss is a secondary concern to her.  The producers of Candy Kiss have known about this for a long time.  She mentioned something on her blog about a "summer album", but I am not sure if this is a reference to the unreleased CD that was supposed to come out in 2014.  In any case, she will have her graduation event in April, presumably with Kaede.  This will make Candy Kiss a trio after April, with remaining members Oguchi Ryoka, Yoshizawa Ruri and Fukushima Kotoko.

I have been a Candy Kiss fan since around July 2012.  Their first single, "Koisuru Candy Kiss", caught my attention in a good way.  It was a very cute song, and I loved all the girls in the video.  I placed an order for the single and played the CD several times once it arrived.  I eventually bought all four Candy Kiss singles, and I have enjoyed each one.  I was a bit disappointed when Kasahara Mahochi (the almost forgotten original member of Candy Kiss who wore the green dress) left the group in 2012.  When Yamashita Honoka left the group in early 2014, this was an even bigger blow.  Honoka was my favorite member, and she sang lead on all the Candy Kiss songs up to then.  I wasn't too happy that there were remixes and alternate versions of Candy Kiss songs on their third and fourth singles, as I wanted to hear the studio versions of songs such as "Open Arms" and "First Love" instead.  Candy Kiss have also performed the songs "Bara no Maho ~Takan'na Kisetsu~" and "Chotto Dake" live.  So far these songs have not been released on CD. While I think Candy Kiss is a really interesting and fun idol group, they have not enjoyed the success that other local and indie idol groups have.  With so many graduations and unreleased songs it's possible they will never achieve the success I feel they deserve.  It's possible that Candy Kiss does not have the kind of promotion they need or the type of songs idol fans are craving.  I still believe Candy Kiss are better than what some people give them credit for, and as long as they are around I will give them my support.              

I sure hope the next time I write in my blog it will be some sort of good news.  I seriously don't think I can handle another surprise graduation announcement.      

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