Thursday, March 12, 2015

Idol Matsuri Announces Time And Location

It turned out there were two more surprise graduation announcements since the last time I wrote in my blog.  Including the four members of Sakura Gakuin who are graduating at the end of the month (which I knew about well in advance), that makes a total of nine girls from various idol groups that I am personally following are leaving the idol world sometime between now and May 2, 2015.  But instead of writing more articles that make me depressed to even write them, I decided to wait to write in my blog again until I had some good news.  Thankfully, today I have some.

Idol Matsuri, America's first convention dedicated to Japanese idols, has confirmed an official time and location for 2015.  From August 14 to 16, 2015 Idol Matsuri will be held at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington, which is located in Seattle.  I don't know anything about the venue itself, so I won't pretend to.  However, you can check out the official website for yourself.   

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