Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shimoda Kaede To Graduate From Candy Kiss

Shimoda Kaede has written on her blog that she will be graduating from Candy Kiss in April 2015.   Exact details were not given as to why, but she thanked the fans for all of their support for the past two-and-a-half years.  (Candy Kiss formed in February 2012 so it's actually been three years.)   This comes as a real blow to fans of the group as Kaede was one of their more important singers, especially since the departure of Yamashita Honoka in early 2014.  Kaede took over some of Honoka's vocals, along with Candy Kiss's leader Sakurai Maya and member Oguchi Ryoka.  How this will impact Candy Kiss's future is unknown at this point. 

Candy Kiss have performed several original songs live with both Kaede and Honoka that have not been released on compact disc yet.  A video on Vimeo tells of an unreleased album that was due in Autumn 2014.       

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