Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Worst Type Of Idol Fans

I need to talk about something that has been in my mind for several months now.  It's been bugging me a lot lately, and I need to get this off my chest.  I've come across certain people who claim to fans of Japanese idols that seem to be very close-minded.  These people are what I refer to as "elitist mainstream idol fans".

Elitist mainstream idol fans are those who only listen to mainstream groups and nothing but these groups.  They are the ones you'll find that say "I only listen to Hello! Project groups" or "I only listen to the *48 family groups."  Some of these fans may also listen to other mainstream groups such as Momoiro Clover Z or BABYMETAL, but they are ignoring many indie and underground idol groups. Now it might be because they haven't heard of some of these indie and underground groups, or it might be because they have an extremely bad attitude and just plain won't acknowledge them. These fans are some of the most close-minded people who are listening to music.  But it gets even worse sometimes.  I have read comments along the lines of "I wish this girl would leave her current group and join Hello! Project."  Now that is the most horrible type of comment an idol fan can make!  Don't understand why?  Let me explain.

If you say you like a certain idol singer in a indie or underground group, and you really want them to leave this group, then you are wishing this group would not be successful and possibly break up. If you actually got your wish and your favorite singer in an indie group left to join Hello! Project or the *48 family, then the group she was originally in will have a steep decline in popularity and this will anger many of the fans of the group.  They will resent the girl who left and caused this decline in popularity.  If the group breaks up because the most popular girl left, this will cause even more anger in some fans.  Even if some fans follow her to the H!P or *48 group she ends up in, they still might wish she would return to her original group so things will go back to the way they were before she left.

If you really love an indie or underground singer or group, please show it by supporting this singer or group.  Purchase their compact discs or other merchandise, if possible, and tell people how much you love the singer or group and why.  Be a proud fan and tell your friends about this non-mainstream idol you love and share their YouTube videos (or videos on other websites).  Spread the good word about these idols instead of wishing that the most popular member would leave the group to join a mainstream company.  Being an elitist, close-minded and mean-spirited mainstream fan just isn't very smart.            

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Candy Zoo Welcomes A New Member!

Indie idols Candy Zoo officially welcomed new member Katayama Yuara to the group on May 17, 2015, which was one day before their second anniversary.  Yuara actually made an appearance on stage on April 25 for the joint birthday celebration for Candy Zoo members Yamamoto Himiko (who turned 13 on April 19) and Nishisato Rina (who also became 13, but on April 28).  However, she did not perform with the group that day.  Yuara wrote in the Candy Zoo blog for the first time on May 18.  A photo posted on Twitter shows the current lineup of the group.  Yuara is the Green Meerkat of Candy Zoo.    

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sakura Gakuin 2015 President And New Members Announcement!

The announcement of the new Student Council President of Sakura Gakuin and the new members of the group appeared on the Oricon Style website earlier today.  Sakura Gakuin are back to twelve members again!  What makes me even more excited is Isono Rinon is the new President of Sakura Gakuin!  I have been a big fan and supporter of Rinon since she joined Sakura Gakuin, and with the addition of six new members bringing Sakura Gakuin back to form, this could be a very exciting year for the group.

Below are the names of the new members.  Click on a name to go to her official Amuse profile.

Kurosawa Mirena - Born on May 22, 2001 in Tokyo.
Okazaki Momoko - Born on March 3, 2003 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Aso Maaya - Born on November 4, 2003 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Hidaka Marin - Born on December 1, 2003 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Yoshida Soyaka - Born on June 14, 2004 in Osaka.
Fujihara Kano - Born on August 28, 2004 in Chiba Prefecture.

Sakura Gakuin graduated member (and my all-time favorite) Miyoshi Ayaka paid a visit to her former alma mater and shared this awesome photo taken with the new girls on her Instagram.

Although I'm late in reporting this, in other Sakura Gakuin member news, Sugimoto Mariri started a new blog on April 1, 2015.    

Congratulations to Rinon for being selected the fifth Student Coucil President Of Sakura Gakuin, and best wishes to all the new members!