Saturday, January 16, 2021

2020’s Overlooked Idol Songs

As it turns out, I have overlooked a handful of songs that were released in 2020 which should have been included in my last article.  I’m going to make up for this by sharing some videos and links for the artists. 

First off, I made a mistake regarding the group Fluffy Star.  The video I linked last time was not an original song.  According to a German friend who watches anime, it is an anime song in which the character names are replaced with the names of the girls in Fluffy Star.  But Fluffy Star did indeed have an original song released in 2020 titled “STEP UP”, which, believe it or not, they wrote the lyrics to!  The first video uploaded with this song was from an October 3 performance.  There’s some talking at the beginning and end of the video, but the song is sung in the middle. 




Do you remember when I mentioned Magical Girl Momorin?  Well, she’s had an image change or two.  She is now simply momo (I think spelled with all lower case letters) and she released a single titled “I’ll try ~Todoku made~”.  You can buy this cheap from your favorite mp3 seller.  Here is the video for the song.  


Now, if you believe the hype, momo has a twin sister named Lei.  But it looks to me like it is actually momo with dyed hair or a wig.  You decide. 



Former member of Little Blossom and now soloist Aimi had an original song debut on August 27, 2020 titled “Himawari no Egao”.  



After I posted my article “2020 Japanese Idol Year In Review” the group CRUiSE! uploaded the studio version of their song “Heart Chaser”.  It figures one of 2020’s best songs would be released on December 28, practically the very end of the year!  


Well, there you have it.  Five songs that should have been mentioned in my last article.  But I guess better late than never.  Thank you reading my blog!  

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