Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Idol Matsuri 2015

Last year I attended my very first idol event, Idol Matsuri, in Silverdale, Washington.  Despite having never flown on a plane before and being very nervous most of the time, I managed to fly to Washington and back to my home state without any major problems.  I got to see in person Aither, a group featuring one of my all-time favorite idols, Konno Yuuka, as well as RYUTist, plus Western guests such as SHEawase, AllySally and Beri! New Day.  I bought some merchandise for the idols I saw, had some cheki / photos of me taken with the idols and came home with some unforgettable memories.  Those who missed it missed something truly special!  But there is some good news for Japanese idol fans living in the U.S. that you will want to know.  Idol Matsuri 2015 is getting under way!

Right now Idol Matsuri is looking for a good venue in Seattle.  It'll be more convenient than Silverdale.  But in order to get this decent venue donations are needed.  That is where you, the idol fan, comes in.  Once the venue is secured then Bethany Walker, President of Idol Matsuri, can start negotiations to bring Japanese guests to the convention.  Right now no guests are confirmed, but this will change in a matter of weeks.  If seeing Japanese idols perform live in the United States, perhaps every year from now on, interests you, then this is something you will want to be a part of.  Here are all the links you will need.

Idol Matsuri Kickstarter Campaign
Idol Matsuri Facebook Group
Idol Matsuri Facebook Page  

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Three amorecarina Graduations

I was informed by a friend a few hours ago that three girls in the group amorecarina graduated on January 31.  It slipped by my attention until now.  The members who graduated are Tozawa Airi, Yamabe Ayu and Mukoyama Aira.  This comes as a surprise to me since amorecarina are releasing their debut single "Monster High" on March 18, 2015, and a live TV performance of this song featuring some of the graduated members aired in October 2014.  How this will affect the plan to split amorecarina into three groups in three cities remains unclear at the moment.

In any case, farewell girls!

   Tozawa Airi

Yamabe Ayu

Mukoyama Aira