Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Story Of Aither

Once upon a time in Sendai, seven young girls in the idol group B Flat graduated, soon to form a new group called Party Rockets.  After two publicity photos one of the girls, Tsujimura Airi, left the group.  She was eventually airbrushed out of one of the photos.  The official reason for Airi’s departure was she was in poor health and her membership in the group was “being delayed”.  However, as the fates would have it, she never joined Party Rockets.  Party Rockets carried on as a six member idol rock group while Airi was recovering.  Then, in October 2012, an official announcement about Sato Hiyori leaving Party Rockets to concentrate on her studies was released.  This was followed by an announcement in December 2012 about Konno Yuuka leaving Party Rockets due to a back injury.  It would seem Party Rockets was a cursed group.  

Flash forward to June 2013 when Yuuka and Airi resurfaced in the group Aither (named after a Greek god).  The third girl in this new trio was Misaki, a resident of Akita and a member of the group pramo.  Misaki stayed in both groups until September 2013 when she made the choice of concentrating on Aither.  This new idol trio, whose music ranges from dance pop to rock, released a CD titled “Future Way” in July 2013.  There are four vocal tracks on the CD, and no instrumentals, making it an E.P. or “mini album” rather than a single.  A new Aither CD was released in October as well.  Have these three girls found a permanent home for themselves in Aither?  Only time will tell, for this story has just begun…. 

Konno Yuuka, leader - Born on May 15, 1998 
Tsujimura Airi - Born on February 13, 1999
Misaki - Born on June 3, 1999 


“Future Way” (July 3, 2013)  

“you & I” (October 19, 2013) 

Aither Official Blog  

DejaVuAither (Official YouTube) 

Aither Official Twitter

Special thanks goes to two people who provided me with information for this article / true story.  Yacchan is the name of one person.  The other is Suwano Chibineko, who has an Unofficial Aither YouTube Channel with several great live performances from the group.