Friday, March 28, 2014

Idols On The RIZE!

A few months ago when I was looking at the blogs for Onigokko members I came across mention of the group Candy Zoo.  I also saw some photos of Candy Zoo posing with Onigokko members. This made me curious as to who they were, and I found the Candy Zoo blog and bookmarked it.  I took me a while before I did some digging, but I found a few videos on YouTube, mostly short videos promoting the group or the members doing some kind of challenge.  I also discovered that Candy Zoo were created by a company named RIZE Productions, and they were one of three idol groups from RIZE.  After watching videos for the other two groups, loop and FES☆TIVE, I became a fan of all three RIZE groups.  Now, I’ll be honest: I’m still learning about all the RIZE groups, so I can only give short and basic profiles.  I have the most information about Candy Zoo since they are the first group I took an interest in, and are my favorite of the three.  I received some help from my Japanese friend Yacchan, but I did a lot of the research myself.

Candy Zoo formed on May 18, 2013.  Each girl not only has an official color, but also an official animal, as would be expected from a group with “Zoo” in its name.  Although most of the member’s animals are ones that you would find in a zoo, the leader’s official animal is a sheep.  Speaking of whom, in what may be a first for a Japanese idol group, the leader, Sakamaki Yuuna, is not the oldest, but rather the youngest.  Candy Zoo recently performed a new song titled “GO GO ☆ Dinosaur”.  (I can’t wait to see a fan video of this song.)  The saddest news about Candy Zoo, from my point anyway, since I recently became a fan, is that the oldest member, Ootsuka Minami, is graduating on May 25.

I have found two fan videos for Candy Zoo on YouTube, and both of them have their problems.  You might prefer to watch the HD video which has the best picture and sound, but also has a very rowdy audience, including one guy who jumps up and down in front of the camera way too much. The low quality video has has an extra song not in the HD video, however.  (I can't seem to embed these videos.  Sorry.)


Sakamaki Yuuna, Leader
Born: November 20, 2002 
Nickname: Yuuna
Color: Pink
Animal: Sheep                                          

Ootsuka Minami
Born: June 28, 2001
Nickname: Minarin
Color: Red
Animal: Lion

Chiba Rian
Born: July 14, 2001
Nickname: Rianchan
Color: Yellow
Animal: Giraffe

Hoshi Riara
Born: November 16, 2001
Nickname: Riichan
Color: White
Animal: Zebra

Yamamoto Himiko
Born: April 19, 2002
Nickname: Himichan
Color: Blue
Animal: Penguin

Nishisato Rina
Born: April 28, 2002
Nickname: Rinachan
Color: Orange
Animal: Panda


“Soreike! Candy Zoo Machii” (“Let’s Go! Candy Zoo March”) (December 6, 2013)

Candy Zoo Blog

The first group RIZE created was the military-themed loop, which formed on April 9, 2012 with six members.  During May and June 2013 loop had seven members, but they went back down to six, after the departure of original member of Yamada Ami.  They are the only RIZE group with an official music video, for their song “Susume! Hope!” (“Forward! Hope!”).  While I am thinking about it, happy 18th birthday to loop's leader, Asami Remi!  

Asami Remi, Leader - Born on March 29, 1996
Kawai Rena - Born on November 19, 1998
Itabashi Miu - Born on July 14, 1999
Yoshimura Megumi - Born on October 2, 2000
Katsuki Airi - Born on October 22, 2000
Hosho / Otake Yuria*, Nickname: Yuririn - Born on December 3, 2001

Former Member (2012 to 2013):
Yamada Ami

*Yuria changed her family name to Hosho, although no official reason has been given.

loop Blog

FES☆TIVE formed on May 18, 2013 with seven members.  At one point there were eight members, but currently there are seven again.  However, I think one member may be graduating soon.  

Here's a low quality video for the song “Wonderful Festival”.  

Suzuki Mitsuki, Leader - Born on December 13, 1996
Sakamoto Yuna - Born on October 8, 1994
Hayama Honoka - Born on January 19, 1996
Yokoi Honami - Born on September 2, 1998
Sakai Ami - Born on October 6, 1998
Fujimura Momoka - Born on March 29, 1999
Shiozake Reia - Born on September 7, 1999


The RIZE Productions Idols website has some English on it, but some of the words are misspelled. When you go to the “Members” section and click on one of the misspellings of “animation” you will open a new window to the same “Members” section.  At least one name in the “Members” section is misspelled as well. Obviously this website has a few problems.

RIZE Productions Idols Website
RIZE Productions Website