Saturday, June 6, 2015

Idol Matsuri Is Bringing Soloist Tomimoto Airu To The U.S.!

There’s exciting news for U.S. fans of Japanese idols as Idol Matsuri, the first Japanese idol convention in the United States, has just announced that their second Japanese guest for 2015 is Tomimoto Airu!

Tomimoto Airu (富本愛琉) is a young soloist who performs many Japanese idol cover songs.  She sometimes works with other indie idols for certain appearances, but primarily works alone.  Airu was born on February 11, 2005 in Hokkaido, Japan.  Her hobbies include singing, dancing, playing the Japanese drums and violin, and ballet.  Airu is signed with Actors Studio Hokkaido, STARGATE School.  She is a children’s fashion model and appeared in the magazine SHO-BOH #29, as well as on the accompanying “making of” DVD.   Airu’s favorite idols include Suzuki Airi of C-ute and the group Prizmmy☆ .

Here is Airu's intro video for Idol Matsuri.  Please turn on the closed captions for English subtitles.

In order for Airu to come to the U.S. she will need your help!  A Kickstarter fundraiser is coming
soon and has some exciting rewards for those who donate.   

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