Thursday, December 12, 2013

Idol Matsuri

Instead of  writing about a new and relatively unknown Japanese idol group I need to help a friend of mine with an idol-related project she is putting together.  The person I’m helping is a woman who helped me a bit with my NA-NA profile.  Admittedly all she did was translate the family name of a member of NA-NA that I couldn’t translate myself, but it was enough to make want to thank her. That woman is Bethany Walker, and we’ve been friends for…maybe three years or so.  Honestly, I’m not counting.

My friend Bethany, who is one of the nicest and funniest people I know, is putting together what will be the first Japanese idol convention in the United States of America, Idol Matsuri.  She and her husband are trying to raise funds for this convention through Kickstarter.  The funds will primarily be used to bring a Japanese idol to this country to perform live for all the attendees.   Also, the funds are needed to show Japanese companies that Bethany and her husband are serious about bringing a Japanese idol to this country.  Right now Bethany’s goal is to bring a soloist to the U.S.  If enough funds are collected perhaps a whole group could come.  That goal may be a ways off at this point as Bethany only has about 20% of what she needs to bring a soloist.  I’ve already contributed a small amount towards that goal, although “small” is the key word here.  The due date for raising funds for Idol Matsuri is January 7, 2014.  Those of you who live in the U.S. or can travel to the U.S. are in particular needed.  If Idol Matsuri sounds like something you’d want to see a reality and want to attend yourself, then please help out with whatever you can.  My friend Bethany is a bit discouraged at the moment, but I believe in her!  This is something I’d like to attend, although I don’t have the money or means to do so.  I want this convention to happen, not just for Bethany’s sake, but for everyone who loves idols and wants to see idols perform live in this country.  Yes, some idol groups have already held concerts at U.S. anime conventions, but it’s not something that happens too often.  If Idol Matsuri’s initial year is a success then the following years will be even more successful.

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