Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prism Music

Those who love Prizmmy☆, their sister group Prism ☆ Mates and the collective of those two groups, Prism ☆ Box, will want to know about the exciting news for all of these groups.  Prism ☆ Mates have been releasing songs for download only which pair two members.  Already available are the songs "Dancing Doctor" by Mirei (younger sister of Prizmmy☆ member Karin) and Kanon, "Glory Days" by Hina and Runa and a song by Natsu and Yuka.  (Sorry, Google Translate didn't provide a translation that makes sense to me for Natsu and Yuka's song.)  Reported on December 18 was the news that seventh Prism ☆ Mates member Momona will have an upcoming solo song released!  This is exciting for two reasons.  First of all, Momona is only eight-years-old (she'll be nine in January), and I can't think of any idols this young that release solo songs.  Second of all, Momona was unfortunately all but cut out from the Prism ☆ Box single "RainBow x RainBow", having appeared on the single's CD cover and at the beginning of the video, but not actually singing on the song itself.  In other news, Prism ☆ Mates have two new members, Airi and Sana.

Airi (left) and Sana (right) 

Finally, Prism ☆ Box will be releasing their second single "Happy Star Restaurant" on February 26, 2014.  The promo photo for this single is at the top of this article.  It really is Christmas for fans of these idols!