Friday, April 17, 2015

SunRisa - Overflowing With Talent!

SunRisa is a four member Kansai-based idol group created by SPROUT Entertainment and Dream Girls fashion magazine.  The group debuted on April 13, 2014 with five members.  The name of the group is a play on the Spanish word "sonrisa" which means "smile". While I am not sure about this, I believe the two oldest former members, Kozai Sakura and Kumada Rena were brought in to help the younger members to learn how to dance.  They seem to be working primarily as teen fashion models now.  Imamori Manaka was originally a candidate and then promoted a full member on August 22, 2014.    

When SunRisa performed at an event known as Fanfare on April 4, 2015, the group released two singles.  Live performances of these singles with both former and current members (some of them fan videos) have been on YouTube for a while now.  Today SunRisa released their first studio video for the song "OVER FLOW".  This is the song that caught my attention a few months ago and it sounds pretty good with the current lineup.  I do miss Sakura and Rena, but I am very supportive of all the members!


"Fashionable" (live) 

All links go to their official SPROUT Entertainment profiles. 

Current Members: 
Matsuo Fuka - Born on June 24, 2001; 144 cm  
Shimada Mayuka - Born on September 30, 2002; 146 cm 
Imamori Manaka - Born on July 1, 2003; 140 cm  
Okamura Minami - Born on October 20, 2004; 135 cm 

Morigami Aiko - Born on August 9, 2003; 135 cm  
Hiura Nao - Born on October 15, 2003; 134 cm 
Maia - Born on January 30, 2005  

Former Members: 
Kozai Sakura - Born on April 24, 1999; 155 cm  
Kumada Rena - Born on May 24, 2000; 150 cm  
Kawasaki Sakura 

Fuka's Twitter (Protected) 


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