Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More Graduations...And A Return!

I guess I should get used to all these graduation announcements as they seem to happen every other day.  So I'll just take it like a man and move on, keeping my support for these groups despite the changes.

Two members of the group Hypericum will graduate this month, as reported in the Noir Kids blog. Ando Chiami will be graduating in order to focus on her modeling career.  Tanaka Ayano will be leaving in order to focus on her high school life.  Hypericum is an idol group created in 2013 by Office Noir Modeling and Management, the same company that gave us SpringBell feat. MIKA.  I have always wanted to write about them in my blog, but couldn't find the time or some important news to discuss.  Hypericum have one venue-only single to date and no official music videos.   There are currently seventeen members and two trainees in the group, although this will change after the graduation event.  Tonogawa Haruka, formerly a member of SpringBell, is a member of Hypericum.

                 Ando Chiami                                                        Tanaka Ayano 

Two members of amorecarina have already graduated on March 31, 2015.  Mouri Aimi left in order to focus on high school.  Abe Sara left amorecarina, but will stay with Good Choice Entertainment as an actress and model.  

                   Mouri Aimi                                                                      Abe Sara 

And for those of you who have not heard yet, Kimura Karin has returned to NA-NA!  Karin has completed her high school exams and can now focus on both being a student and an idol.  Which is fantastic news for this NA-NA fan!  


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