Thursday, July 18, 2019

amorecarina Osaka

I wrote a few words about amorecarina Osaka disbanding on July 15, 2019 on my Facebook page Young Idol Singers.  I wanted to expand upon that a bit here and add some video links.  The group wasn't very well known or as liked as some local idol groups, and I can only make guesses as to why.  I always liked all three amorecarina groups from Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.  I really got into the Osaka group, though, and this I can tell you.  

The girls in amorecarina Osaka really impressed me as being hard workers.  They danced very well and put a lot of energy into their performances.  But I'd have to say it was their 2016 song, "Shooting star☆", that really grabbed my attention.  The song just stood out among all the songs performed by any of the amorecarina groups.  Even if I didn't really understand the majority of the lyrics I still understood that it was a very passionate song.  The way the girls sung it touched something inside me.  I will also freely admit that Tsukamoto Ririka was the girl I really noticed (eventually, as it took me time to learn all of their faces and names), and she became my favorite.  I have to give credit to the writer(s) and producer, although I can't say for sure who those people might be.  The amorecarina Osaka website has lyrics in Japanese, but no credits.  There was a CD released titled "The Best of amorecarina Osaka" which included a studio version of the song, but I never found a way to purchase it.  If anyone knows how I can purchase CDs (if there are any left) for amorecarina Osaka or Bear in Mind, please contact me.

I want to share this short but cute video of amorecarina Osaka backstage before a performance from February 6, 2016.  I believe that is Otsu Yui with glasses being lifted by Tanaka Ayaka. 

Here is a full performance from July 17, 2016, which is the first time I heard "Shooting star☆".  I play "Shooting star☆" from a different video of this performance (which has been deleted from YouTube) every day!

Tsukamoto Ririka graduated on March 26, 2017, yet I continued to support the group.  

The only amorecarina Osaka CD single was "Kimi no Guzen", released on June 17, 2018.  It was one of my favorite songs from 2018.  Again, I don't have this on CD but really wish I did.  Here is the short preview version of the song. 

Bear in Mind, a spin-off group of amorecarina Osaka, was announced on March 25, 2018, the day Yano Yuka graduated.  The group debuted on April 1, 2018, with Yuka, Kai Akari and Nagayoshi Yuna as the three members.  They have a five track venue-only CD which was released on July 8, 2018.  Akari graduated from both groups on August 11, 2018.  Here is one of Akari's final live performances, from August 11, 2018. 


Here are some photos from the final live of amorecarina Osaka, Bear in Mind and Pumpkin Pookie.  

This one includes Tsukamoto Ririka, who came to the live. 

Thanks for reading all of this, and watching the videos!  While I am very sad that these groups broke up I will still watch the old videos for amorecarina Osaka and Bear in Mind.  I still have not found a Pumpkin Pookie video on YouTube.  I hope to see one since I'm a huge fan of Tanaka Ayaka, the leader of the group, and my second favorite amorecarina Osaka member.  I can't stop being a fan even if my favorite Osaka idol groups have all disbanded.  Could you?  

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