Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This is another article I'm not to happy about writing, but I want to write down my thoughts about two groups I like who have already broken up or are about to break up.

SpringBell feat. MIKA is a young idol group I took an interest in back in January 2012.  The group formed sometime in 2010 and the members of this group consisted of Tonogawa Haruka (born on January 17, 2002), Koga Suzune (born on May 30, 2002) and the oldest, Akimoto Mika (born on June 9, 1999).  They had one original song to their credit, "Puchohenzappu ~Kodomo Shitsu~" ("Put Your Hands Up ~Children's Consoltation Room~"), which had a video filmed for it that was uploaded to YouTube on October 20, 2011, was made available on iTunes on July 18, 2012 and finally made it to a CD on the compilation album "Our Shining Idol", released on March 17, 2013.   Mika also collaborated with electronica duo jumicchi on the song "Soft Cream Boy Ice Cream Girl", which was released online on August 31, 2011.  (Actually, the title has the six words crammed together as two, but this is my way of making sense of it.)  SpringBell feat. MIKA performed for the last time on November 25, 2013.  I'm still unsure of the details about their breakup (info is hard to find when you're the only one who supports an indie idol group), but one member, Suzune, is continuing as a singer.  Thankfully there are photos on both Haruka's and Suzune's blogs with the two girls together, so it's good to know they are still friends.  Mika is continuing to blog as well, but what exactly she and Haruka are going to do is still unknown.   Since the only video of SpringBell feat. MIKA's final performance that I could find was a one minute clip, and not a full song, I've decided to instead share a video of Koga Suzune singing and playing the piano.

A group I profiled not too long ago, KAGAJO☆4S, is breaking up in February.  I was pretty upset at the news, especially since I had high hopes for this group as well.  Originally they were scheduled to perform for the final time on February 1 with guests S ☆ spicy 2 and Minichia Bears, but while I was sleeping last night a second performance on February 8 was added to their website.  Those of you fortunate to be in Japan on those two Saturdays will have the final chance to see this awesome group live.  Here's the short version of their first indie single, "Oyoge! Shirasu-chan".  

It's pretty sad to see these groups break up.  They may not have been super popular or even on the minds of many idol fans, but I was a proud supporter of both of them.  Much like all the idols who have graduated from other groups I love and moved on to other things, these seven girls will always be in my mind and always in my heart!


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