Saturday, January 18, 2014

Prism ☆ Music Part 2

Lots of cool and interesting things are happening in the Prizmmy☆ family.  Yesterday the prizmmyoffshots YouTube channel uploaded several new dance practice videos for Prizmmy☆, Prism☆Mates and Prism☆Box.  Why is this important?  Because you have the chance to hear some new songs!

Lets' start with the song "Dance Away", the B-Side to Prizmmy☆'s latest single "Butterfly Effect". The first thing you're going to notice is that the entire song is sung in English!  Some English lyrics have popped up in previous Prizmmy☆ songs, but this is a first for the group.  (I can't seem to embed any of the videos.  Click here.)  Remember all those Prism☆Mates songs I mentioned that were only available for download from iTunes?  Well, if you haven't heard them yet, you now can!   "Dancing Doctor" from Mirei and Kanon, "Glory Days" from Hina and Runa and my personal favorite, "Pojikaru World" from the best vocalists in  Prism☆Mates, Natsu and Yuka, are all on a video lasting 13 1/2 minutes.  You can also hear Momona's solo song "Chocolate Paradise", which is going to be released on Valentine's Day.  (Unfortunately the video for "Chocolate Paradise" is low quality, as are a couple others.)  All are definitely worth checking out!

The edited music video for "Happy Star Restaurant" was uploaded last week.  Sorry for not getting around to blogging about that.  Click here.  It's a pretty cute song and a great video that actually features Momona, who was cut out of the last single, "RainBow x RainBow".  And look for the two new members of  Prism☆Mates at the end of the video!  I'm sure all of you fans want to see the actual CD covers, right?   Here you go!