Friday, January 24, 2014

Sakuran Bom Bom: Aiming For The Top!

Sakuran Bom Bom are another young group of idols that I’ve recently become acquainted with.   They first formed on July 24, 2012, the year of the London Olympics, as their website’s bio says, by Yamagata Dance Studio MPF.  Sakuran Bom Bom aim to be big idols by the time of the next Olympic Games in Rio.  With all the competition out there, I wish them luck!
I’ve been watching some fan videos on YouTube as the group’s official channel has nothing but talking videos, some of which promote a single.  The live performances are mostly good, although like many young groups their live act needs polished as they are occasionally making minor mistakes.  Still, I like this group.  Out of the fan videos I've seen, this one is as good as any.


Sakuran Bom Bom are scheduled to perform at the Jimodol Festa on March 9, 2014.  

Nono (Leader) - Born on July 28, 2000
Lydia - Born on July 1, 2001
Kairi - Born on November 27, 2001
Saki - Born on January 21, 2002
Ami - Born on October 17, 2002
Yumeme - Born on January 12, 2003
Miu - Born on April 17, 2003
Rio - Born on July 28, 2003
Kii - Born on March 1, 2004

“Sakuran Bom Bom” (October 5, 2013)
“My Hero” (February 1, 2014)

Official Website
Official Blog
Official YouTube
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A tip of the hat to Shura Striker at IDOLcore on Facebook for letting me know about this group.  I also want to thank Bethany Walker and Suwano Chibineko for translating info used in this article.