Friday, October 31, 2014

All You Need Is Love: amorecarina

Aiming to be loved by all generations of idol fans are the 15 fashionable girls in the new idol group amorecarina.  The name of the group comes from two Italian words, amore ("love") and carina ("cute").  They were created by Good Choice Entertainment Co., Ltd. and are the little sister group of Chu-Z.  The girls of amorecarina were chosen to sing the Japanese version of the theme song to the scary cool cartoon Monster High, along with Chu-Z member KAEDE.  Here is the promo video. (Sorry, the usual embedding problems....)

"Monster High ~Scary Cool Girls~" PV  

On the list of members below, click on the name of each girl to see her introductory video.  Trivia: Yamabe Ayu is the younger sister of Tokyo Girls' Style leader Yamabe Miyu.

Mouri Aimi - Born on December 21, 2000
Tozawa Airi - Born on January 5, 2001
Yamabe Ayu - Born on February 3, 2002
Matsumoto Momona - Born on October 12, 2002
Sugiyama Hina - Born on December 13, 2002
Abe Sara - Born on February 25, 2003
Izumida Momoka - Born on March 3, 2003
Mukoyama Aira - Born on March 28, 2003
Takahashi Urara - Born on June 24, 2004
Nakajo Himeka - Born on June 27, 2004
Oda Yuzuha - Born on November 7, 2004
Saitoh Kiara - Born on November 26, 2004
Yanou Juria - Born on November 28, 2004
Kiyono Momohime - Born on December 22, 2004
Fujimoto Naho - Born on January 12, 2005

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