Thursday, December 18, 2014

Idol Renaissance Signs With T-Palette!

In October I wrote about a group named Idol Renaissance that was created by Sony Music to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.  Although they have nearly all of their YouTube videos blocked and have two venue-only singles now, including the newly released "Taiyo to Shinzo" / "Hatsukoi" double A-Side single, they attended the recent T-Palette "Thanksgiving" event held on December 13 as guests, not realizing what was in store for them.  Towards the end of the concert featuring all the current T-Palette artists, they were announced as the newest group to join the label!  This was tweeted by T-Palette Records along with this article appearing on their website announcing that Idol Renaissance were now a part of their label, along with the promise of a March 2015 single!   What I am unsure of is why Sony let them go.  Fortunately for overseas fans, we may be able to purchase Idol Renaissance singles in the near future.  

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