Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Idol Group Spotlight: PARLISH

For the past four months I have been following the Facebook page and blogs of a young idol group named PARLISH.  PARLISH were formed in April 2014 from members of avex artist academy and are based in Osaka.  Originally there were nine members, but now there are seven.  They have been active in live events since July.  All the members are also models, and member Asaka Fuuna has appeared on the cover of the children's fashion magazine Dream Girls.  As for why two members have already left, I can't say for sure.  Yoshioka Satsuki has not blogged since September 27, 2014 when she announced she had cut her hair short.  Oochi Yuna has written in her blog only four times since November 1, when the new PARLISH group photo was uploaded to Facebook without her and Satsuki, and Yuna's blog posts are no longer being linked to the PARLISH Facebook page.  Furthermore, despite the efforts of both me and a friend, I cannot find the birthday of member Itou Kika.  Kika is also the only member without a Twitter account.  

Noguchi Monami (野口もなみ) - Born on December 27, 2000
Monami's BlogMonami's Twitter
Wada Yuka (和田優香) - Born on March 17, 2002
Yuka's BlogYuka's Twitter
Nishikawa Reika (西川怜伽) - Born on May 17, 2002
Reika's Blog, Reika's Twitter 
Sasaki Miku (佐々木美來) - Born on June 6, 2002
Miku's BlogMiku's Twitter
Asaka Fuuna (浅香ふう菜) - Born on August 18, 2002
Fuuna's BlogFuuna's Twitter
Nishikawa Airi (西川愛莉) - Born on September 21, 2002
Airi's BlogAiri's Twitter
Itou Kika (伊藤妃花)
Kika's Blog

Graduated Members:
Yoshioka Satsuki (吉岡楓季) - Born on July 8, 2001
Satsuki's BlogSatsuki's Twitter
Oochi Yuna (大内柚菜) - Born on October 31, 2002
Yuna's Blog, Yuna's Twitter   

Official Facebook

Here are a couple videos to watch!  The first is from September 15, 2014, when there were nine members.

The second is from December 7, 2014 with the current seven members.    

Special thanks to Asahi and Bethany for help with the translations and info!

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