Monday, December 22, 2014

The Expansion of amorecarina

Osaka based idol group amorecarina has some big news.  First, on December 10 they debuted a new subunit named Miracle Girls featuring five members, Matsumoto Momona, Sugiyama Hina, Nakajo Himeka, Saitoh Kiara and Fujimoto Naho.  Miracle Girls are a magical girl inspired group that only sing songs from magical girl anime!    

The biggest news, however, is that the group is expanding.  This was tweeted on December 20, and this blog article has all the details.  As it turns out, amorecarina will have a group in three cities, Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.  New members will be auditioned to complete each group's lineup.  I assume that means the current lineup will be split up, which I'm disappointed about.  I'm just getting to know these girls and I prefer them to stay together as they are now rather than splitting them up and adding more members.  Creating three groups may make things easier for the members that have to travel to Osaka to practice and perform, though, as only Yanou Juria lives in Osaka.  

In related news, I want to wish happy birthday to amorecarina members Mouri Aimi (born on December 21), who is now 14, and Kiyono Momohime (born on December 22), who is now 10.  

Mouri Aimi 

Kiyono Momohime

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